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Winged Nike Victoria Statue Sculpture Bronze Reproduction Classical Greek Victory Goddess Figurine Antique Art Home Decor

Winged Nike Victoria Statue Sculpture Bronze Reproduction Classical Greek Victory Goddess Figurine Antique Art Home Decor

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The Replica Greek Nike ( Roman Victoria ) -The goddess of victory:

During the production of our bronze sculptures, we value a high level of quality and trust in traditional ways of production. Constant quality controls guarantee the high quality of our bronze sculptures and figurines that are produced via the lost wax technique. Deluxe vintage ornament artwork statuette atop any shelf, cabinet or desk in home, office and so on. Perfect gift for friend or family, also collectible & collection for collector.


1, Real superior bronze and marble base.
2, Traditional lost-wax hot casting technology.
3, Exquisite craftsmanship and great details.
4, Heavy, lifelike and realistic characteristics.


Goddess of Victory (Nike): is the victory of the Incarnation, Nepal and Sri Lanka Pallas Titan Kyi is the daughter of Alex embankment. Her name is Victoria Roma Victor Maria (Victoria). Her image is with a pair of wings, physique, like wandering down from heaven, Yi Meipiao contingent. She went victory followed soon. She is from God Zeus and Athena. In the Titan War defection to Olympus and help them win.

(Greek “victory”; Latin transliteration: Nike) is the goddess of victory in Greek mythology, was in Roman mythology corresponds Victoria (Victoria). According to Hesiod’s “Theogony” she is Titan Pallas (Pallas) and Steele Alex (Styx) The daughter of Kratos (Strength), Shakespeare (strong) and Venizelos (enthusiasm ) sister, they are companions of Zeus. Although the origin Titans, she was standing in the Titan war gods of Olympus side, bring them victory.
In the traditional description, Nick often with wings, with amazing speed, but otherwise does not have other special forces. She is not only a symbol of the victory of the war, but on behalf of the Greek daily life in many fields, especially in the field of sports success. So she is believed to bring good luck gods, often used as artistic expression object. In art, she is usually assimilated to other gods, such as the ancient Greek sculptor usually portrayed as petite with her wings image perch on another arm of God, or God’s clothes from the companion in exploration out, or fairy-like fly in the sky.
In her most famous portraits, such as the Louvre’s “Samo Atlas goddess of victory” (Victoire de Samothrace), she showed naked or wearing a helmet with a winged goddess. Pottery in Greece, she is depicted as standing, flying or stride, sometimes pour libation on the altar. Her appendages usually garlands, amphora, vials and censer. Western Greek colonies in Italy usually appears as a ride on her chariot image, in other places she showed with weapons or trophy, or play lira (lyre, harp ancient Greece, there are five strings to seven strings) or flute.
Nigeria often engraved with Athena was worshiped together, because the first 490 years Battle of Marathon, after the Greek victory over Persia, two of them are focused on linking. Athens Parthenon dedicated to Athena in Colossus is believed to have portrayed Nepal carved and Parthenon building complex also contains a temple dedicated to Athens Nepal carved. Sometimes, Athena is depicted as carrying the image of Nigeria engraved appendages. According to Pausanias records, Athens is represented as Nigeria engraved image with no wings, probably hoping that people can stop the goddess of victory to leave the city. The temple also left a deposit of an image of this god: untie the Nigerian engraved (Nike Slancio). It used to be located in the temple of the chest wall, existing in Athens Acropolis Museum.

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 Bronze with Marble Base
 Decor , Gifts , Collectible , Collection
 Home , Living Room , Office , Studio , Club
 Retro , Vintage , Antique , Classic
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 H:29 x L:15 x W:16.5

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