Vintage Cane Wood Walking Stick Sports Long Live Phoenix


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Vintage Cane Wood Walking Stick Sports Long Live Phoenix
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Vintage Cane wood Walking Stick crosier Sports Cane long live Carven Phoenix

overall Length: 92 cm (35.4 inches)


1>Do not attempt to sharpen the blade. The use of sharpening stones or (heaven forbid) a grinding wheel can cause the total destruction of the sword from a collectors standpoint. It takes special training skill and tools to properly polish and sharpen the sword.
2>Do not use sandpaper, steel wool or any abrasive materials on any part of the blade including the tang (nakago). These will scratch the blade and detract from its beauty.
3>Do not use ANY type of metal polish on the parts of the sword handle, guard or scabbard. The fittings on the sword are generally not supposed to be bright and shiny.
4>Do not handle the blade with bare hands. The oils and acids from your skin can cause the blade to rust (in some cases it may stain almost immediately). Use a clean cloth around the blade to handle it.
5> Whenever one draws a mounted sword out of its bag or scabbard, make sure the position of the hilt does not go lower than the scabbard.



Rust is the major enemy of the Japanese sword blade. The best course of action is to prevent rust rather than to have to remove it. If possible the sword should be kept at relatively constant temperature and humidity. A thin coat of a light, non-acidic lubricating oil is all that is needed. a special oil, CHOJI OIL, for this use. It protects well and has a nice aroma also.The blade should be re-oiled occasionally to prevent the old oil from becoming gummy. Wipe the old oil off with a clean, soft, WHITE cloth or tissue paper. Don’t use colored materials as the oil may cause the color to “bleed” onto the sword and stain it. Gentle wiping action is all that is required not vigorous rubbing. Don’t “soak” the blade with oil, just use a very light coating. Complete sword care kits are available and perfect for the sword owners.

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