Pure Brass Wealth 3 Longevity God Fu Lu Shou Boy Girl Treasure Bowl Statue


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Pure Brass Wealth 3 Longevity God Fu Lu Shou Boy Girl Treasure Bowl Statue
Pure Brass Wealth 3 Longevity God Fu Lu Shou Boy Girl Treasure Bowl Statue $290.99 $261.99
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Size: Height 7.2 inch .Long 5.2 inch . Width?3.6 inch

Size: Height?18 cm .Long?13 cm. Width?9 cm

Weight: 1.8 KG—-included the weight of packing materials

Materials: brass

Condition: Good condition

Origin: China


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The Bronze Craft introduction.
Bronze. Multi-refers to the ancient Chinese bronzes, popular in Neolithic late to the Qin and Han dynasties, to the most exquisite Shang and Zhou artifacts,. Originally appeared small tools or accessories. The beginning of the Xia Dynasty bronze vessels and weapons. Providers mid bronzes varieties have very rich, and the emergence of the inscriptions and fine patterns. Provider late to early Western Zhou bronzes heyday is varied, vigorous, dignified, inscriptions gradually lengthened onerous Wealthy pattern. Subsequently, bronzes the carcass began thinning, decoration gradually simplified. Between late Spring and Autumn and Warring States, to promote the use of iron, copper tools less and less. Played Han period, with porcelain and lacquer into daily life, reduced copper container varieties, simple decoration, mostly plain, slimmer carcass. The ancient Chinese bronzes, our ancestors of the great contributions to human civilization, archaeological data from the current point of view, the emergence of Chinese bronzes, later than some other places in the world, but on the scale of the use of bronze, casting process plastic arts and the varieties, bronzes do not have a place in the world can be comparable to the ancient Chinese bronzes. This is the ancient Chinese bronzes in the history of world art occupies a unique position and one of the reasons that cause universal attention. my ability.

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