Bronze Copper Money Golden Toad Frog Beast Statue Collectible Fengshui Wealth


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Bronze Copper Money Golden Toad Frog Beast Statue Collectible Fengshui Wealth
Bronze Copper Money Golden Toad Frog Beast Statue Collectible Fengshui Wealth $67.99
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Length: 103MM
width: 94MM
Height : 75MM
Material: Copper
Source: Chinese
Process: Manual

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Honored Customers: My shop has contained warehouse of more items. In
my store, there are more wonderful items that are waiting for you,
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As early as in the 7th century, mystical Tibet was introducted to the world via Chamagudao. Our family is managing the Tibetan antique artware, thangkas and the Buddha statue as well as the religious from Tibet, We wish to share with the world by Internet .

About chamagudao :Tea-Horse Road is that exist in China’s southwestern region, Ma Gang as the main means of transport to the private channel is an international business world’s most spectacular natural scenery, cultural tourism absolutely the most mysterious goods lines, it contains not the development of the cultural heritage. Tea-Horse Road at Sichuan-Tibet, Yunnan-Tibet Road, the two connect-Yunnan-Tibet, extending into Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, India, until the West, and the Red Sea coast of West Africa. Yunnan-Tibet Cha Ma Ancient Road approximately formed in the late sixth century AD, from the southern Yunnan Province, after today’s Dali and Lijiang, Shangri-La into Tibet, Lhasa direct. Some of re-exports from India, Tibet, Nepal, is the ancient Chinese and the South Asian region an important trade routes.

Such items are all handcrafts, handmade by local Tibetan or Nepal craftsman using Tibet Silver and natural stones, such as Turquoise, Coral, Agate, crystal etc. , they symbolize the old culture of Tibet. Tibet is the most brilliant and sacred holy land in China. There is an old legend best-known in Tibet, if people wear such refine and beautiful handmade jewelry, such jewelry can get good spirits from nature. Then they will bring people happy life and good luck. Tibet ,a Pure Land, the most magic beautiful place, not faraway from us. it’s not important if you do have been there, but the sticking point is if you can find your own pure land in your heart and the Tibet on your mind !

My project in China is Tibet silver and jade Turkey. I do not know in your country Tibet*Tibet silver and Tibet Turkey jade title and position. Value for money!


We furnish Everything always come with a satisfaction guarantee: If you find any quality problems or is not completely satisfied with anything, when you receive the items.Please E-mail us soon.We will resolve it for you in 48 hours(Refund or exchange item),if refund,you should return it within 14 days from the auction ended, I will happily refund the purchase price.Thank you !! Good luck ! !

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