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Porcelain Statue Of Kwan-yin &

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Dehua porcelain is one of the three China, Dehua kiln is a famous ancient Chinese kilns in the South, its long history, after a thousand years of wind and frost, the history of ceramics in the world, “China white” word will become white porcelain of Dehua synonymous, have been recorded in history books: “‘China White’, is the top grade Chinese porcelain also.” more known as “the mother of the world’s white.”
Simple but elegant white porcelain has always been a popular one, though difficult to find in their colorful body patterns and bright colors, but always seem plain, always showing the natural beauty of heaven. Generally refers to the white porcelain body is white, transparent glaze of the porcelain surface. If silver glaze as white snow and white porcelain to create characters, always a good performance of the characters even more vividly. Now white porcelain ornament is widely used in life, a “paper-thin, transparent as a mirror, such as chime sound, white jade,” the characteristics Known as the “porcelain king.”

Item Specifics
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 Porcelain, Pottery
 12cm(l) x 36cm(h)x9cm(w)
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