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Manual Medieval Vintage Wall Hanging Samurai Creative Decor Ornament Bar Living Room Iron Crafts Best European Gift

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Product Details

Manual Medieval Vintage Wall Hanging Samurai Armors Creative Decor Ornament Bar Living Room Iron Crafts Best European Gift
Name : Armor Shield with Double Sword

Product size : 36.8*23*45.7 cm (length, width, height cm)

Weight : net weight 1.8kg

Packing size : 40*35*50cm

Color : antique

Material: cold rolled sheet

Craft: handmade

Application: porch living room

Exquisite craftsmanship, three-dimensional versa

Medieval retro knight armor wall hanging decoration

The Middle Ages (about 395-1500) was an era in European history (mainly Western Europe), calculated from the demise of the Western Roman Empire, until the end of the Renaissance, when the totalitarianism began to rise. The term medieval was used by humanists in the late 15th century. Europe in this period did not have a strong regime to rule. The feudal separatism brought frequent wars, caused the stagnation of science and technology and productivity, and the people lived in hopeless suffering. Therefore, in the early Middle Ages or in the Middle Ages, it was commonly called the “dark age” in Europe and the United States. It was traditionally considered to be the development of European civilization. A relatively slow period.

The products are all hand-built, and the machine is different from the mold opening and resin mold. There will be some manual traces. Please ask the perfect buyer to seriously consider

The products are all retro style, done antique and old-fashioned, for the products have more time traces, historical sense, not used old products, please do not like the antique effect buyers carefully consider


1,All dimensions are measured manually with deviation (ranged)at 1-3mm. If by any chance they are not, we are sorry for that.
2,Due to the screen difference, the color may be a little difference from what you expect, please allow it.

Item Specifics
Regional Feature: 
 Vintage nostalgic
 bar,lobby,clubhouse,living room
 Armor Shield with Double Sword

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