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The Master Switch Large Copper Hyacinth Decoration Feng Shui Bagua Lucky Evil Health

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Product Details

small gossip copper medallion gourd town curtilage illnesses increase, love baby specifications small

wide medium 12.5cm high 6cm

baby introduction the gourd with godOf the epidemic

prevention qie disease gain if the effect of health home of the long illness had might as well hang the gourd in the patient’s bedroom of all ages, sexes are optional every home has a patient child the old man more should be chosen it can also block widely used evil spirit disease ward off evil spirits adjust bad aura can also be on line five bad conversion to feng shui layout gourd can also add a coupleIlsa: the rest day seconds , with miraculous effect of the disease , strong . adjust bad aura weak relationship

often dispute about trifles such a family business is hard to improve the relationship hoist can be big ready to hoist a any time in the master bedroom bed will play a conjugal loveFruit the rest Gourd sound nearly ferro

and appearance is the round roll curve looks pretty good plus small entrance) the characteristics of large seemed to be able to absorb skinner silver the gourd into wealth is not easy to drain keep gathered rich strong efficacy place the bottle gourd in the zodiac money can be put on the table hanging on the position of the door or wall illnesses for health the gourd is containing the past physiciansElixir of the multiplierIt can fortune and auspicious remove the woes

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 The bedroom
 Modern Chinese style
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 Desktop furnishing articles

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