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Motorcycle Davidson Models Oversized Iron Metal Crafts Creative Gift Ideas Home Decoration

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Product Details


Material: wire, screws, nuts, bearings
size:about 21*8*14CM
Surface treatment: electroplating, drawing
Product Description:
Handmade professionally produced materials used bearings, screws, nuts, gaskets, iron pipe, wire
The material is hand-welded.
Artificial carefully cut small parts molding, stitching, carefully crafted color
Electroplating and other hand-made processes.
Pure handmade simple, rugged nostalgic styling, pristine and delicate metal texture
Fu to the sensual, soft, creative, and thus elevated to art.
Both natural and simple beauty of traditional heritage, creating a modern creative trends.
Ordinary steel material after the designer’s thinking, the creators of the technology,
Sublimation of the work of art became a rich life and soul,
Vivid design, workmanship
Is your home collection office modification, home soft suits, business gifts, relatives and friends to give each other the top grade



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