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Lotus Ruyi Wood Carving Feng Shui Creative Solid Living Room Ornaments Crafts Statues For Decoration

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Product Details

— High-grade process materials —
Delicate texture,texture tough,20 cm in diameter of the root,to grow for hundreds of years.
— Higher collection value —
More to drama characters, god, buddha image as the theme, has a very high collection value.
— Natural patina —

Natural storage color will gradually deepen.

Boxwood wrapped slurry,is the human body secretions your objects, oxidation, oxidation again your again,to form a layer of wrapped slurry, for wood, wrapped slurry, after the formation of woodcarving or beads can be a very good protection, not cracking, gloss,color will be different levels of promotion at the same time,the quality is very good,often makes a person fondLe admiringly.

—————–How To Maintain—————–

Chinese Boxwood (Huangyang) carving is a kind of exquisite carving crafts, used as the hands of the play of things, then the management of Huangyang wood carving is more concerned about the issue. Only to maintain a good ability to highlight the value of this carving, this carving and maintenance of the furniture package yo high a great difference, take a look at the management of the boxwood carving should pay attention to what the problem!


This wood is very sensitive to the humidity, if the air humidity of 40%, then the wood is easy to absorb the water around the air, when too much water will affect the overall carving luster. But if the water in the air too little, more dry, it will reduce its gloss. So always check the air humidity, to maintain a reasonable humidity, so as to make it shiny.


Wood objects are most afraid of the sun direct, so easy to let the wood in the evaporation of water to accelerate, resulting in decreased toughness, so easy to break the situation. The best place in the shade, if you feel some tide can come out about sun, but not long-term exposure in the sun, otherwise there will be dry and broken situation.


Prepare a box full of it, covered with soft linen, which can prevent scratches. Store the place where the temperature is appropriate and avoid direct sunlight. Do not put in a sealed box, this will affect the wood carving ability to the outside world, but it is not good, as long as the storage place to block the dust, can play a protective role can be.

Dust Removal

Use soft, clean cloth to wipe the surface of wood, do not be too hard, or prone to scratches. Do not wipe the water, if there is dirt, then use a professional tool to remove these dirt out. Do not use the needle to pick, a professional cleaning solution can quickly and effectively remove the dirt.

Boxwood carving maintenance is not complicated, in the usual play process to pay attention to keep clean and health, so as to make the boxwood carving more shiny, and the quality will be better. In addition, to prevent wood objects bump, or prone to cracks, affecting the overall appearance of the effect. To have a professional place in full bloom, do not have to put away, to reduce unnecessary wear and tear, so that wood objects can look better.


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 Round Eagle
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