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Crystal Money Tree Natural Citrine Bring Wealth Luck Creative Porch Office Crafts Birthday Home Decoration Sculptures

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Product Details
Item Specifics
Product Details

Natural Citrine Money Tree Bring Wealth Luck Creative Home Decoration Living Room Porch Office Crafts Decor Birthday Gift

Item specifics:

  • Material:Resin
  • Theme:Tree
  • Style:Traditional Chinese
  • Surface Technology:Painting, Colored drawing, Colour decoration
  • Type:Feng Shui,Resin ornaments,Money Tree
  • Topic: Money tree figurine
  • Net Weight: 0.35kg/pc(estimated)
  • Height: 18cm
  • Base diameter: 8cm


  • Citrine can protect the family’s tranquility and exorcise the town house;
  • citrine is also known as the “stone of merchants”, the main favors the wealth, can prosper wealth and partial wealth, in order to collect the effect of wealth; help calm the mood.
  • Stabilizing career development, similar to the frequency of wealth, can bring wealth.
  • It is clear-minded, thoughtful, sensible, patient, and efficient. It helps the mentality of the heart to be gentle and the practice of step by step.

Recommended Reason:

  • 1. Suitable for placement in conference halls, offices, living rooms, and shops. It is the best gift for moving, opening, and giving friends. In the financial position of the home or office, putting on the rich tree will have magical spirituality, and you can change it to help you get rich.
  • 2. The citrine fortune tree is composed of hundreds of yellow crystal blocks, which aggregates the powerful light of wealth and helps to change the best choice for Feng Shui.
  • 3. Crystal Lucky Tree is a floating magnetic ring that is made up of dozens of small magnetic fields, which is suitable for the wind and cloud. In the financial position of the home or office, putting a lucky tree will have a magical effect. Crystals have different magnetic fields and functions due to different colors. They can inspire the mind, calm the mind, and have specific energy. They can purify the body and have the effect of healing and changing the disease. They will gather wealth, ward off evil spirits, keep peace, and make the body healthy. Marriage is happy.
  • 4. The family has a “cash tree”, which is the most ardent expectation of the Chinese. The family has a ‘money tree’, which symbolizes the flow of wealth, symbolizing wealth, dignity and peace. Money tree – the legendary magic tree. It is the essence of the universe of heaven and earth. Its branches can produce infinite magic money, after harvesting, it can be regenerated, inexhaustible, inexhaustible.
  • It is China’s ‘God Tree’. In addition to the town house, it can also strengthen the magnetic field, so that you are full of blessings, wealth, and popularity, full of vitality.
  • 5. Place the “tree” in the conspicuous place of the entrance or the living room in the home. It can also be placed at the 45-degree diagonal of the gate. It is always diligently wiped and cleaned, and by opening the fortune, it touches the working principle of the five elements. Create a happy magnetic field, blessing and wealth.

Package included:

1 pc *money tree figurine

Item Specifics
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