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Collectable Qing Hammer

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Dear friend, if you have a glance of this item, I’m sure that you will like it. the meteor hammer, is one kind the metal hammer head is the soft weapon which makes in a guy wires end or the both sides, is also the mooring rope concealed or hidden weapon class. Is only a hammer, rope long approximately five meters, is called ” the single meteor “; Is two hammers, the rope length is four-and-a-half feet, is called ” the double meteor “. Its hammer has the melon shape, the multi-lozenges, the thorn sphere, the muddy circular and so on, the size like duck egg. Hammers the body terminal to have the trunk eye, uses in establishing contacts the link. In the modern martial arts movement trains the double meteor, mainly grasps holds the rope center-section, carries on sets up the dance flower, to raise pulls up the flowered, the single-handed flowered, the chest back flower, to entangle the waist to circle the neck, to throw meets and so on flower method practices, its flower method with stick colored and big tool mark.


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Item Specifics
Brand Name: 
 handmade katana
 Has a very good value for collection
 Home decoration
Place of Origin: 
 China (Mainland)

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