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Antique Copper Art Tai Chi Bagua Cover Gourd Bronze Decoration Home Feng Shui

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the gourd
assembles reed have auspicious effects and check drain type consumption ” stop type feng shui the most luck of hysteresis and lead to disease fly star as earth called the earth very assembles reed dissolve the evil spirit the gourd dissolve the evil spirit the gourd ” soil with ferro sound ” it is a symbol of wealthOn behalf of longevity and good luckAnother because of sponge gourd vine slash
the gourd and is seen as a pray for ten thousand generations of the sons of mascots gourds hanging under the roof what it calls the gourd it is said to be home after the measures goes well a cultured people ” with a red string string tied five gourd referred to as the five blessings country circulated in Taiwan proverb the gourd Dan to be rich mean”At home and put a gourd will make a fortune rich the ancients have bells ” to evil spirit the gourd whether at work or other development will appear constantly get unexpected help yourself in general for your tags should be hung at the window or door Dan to be rich can make a strong spirits it can be longterm use.


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